Harmonize For Speech supports CSA Conference

harmonizeThe Harmonize for Speech Barbershop
Quartet performs at the 2018 CSA Conference
Once again, the Canadian Stuttering Association is honoured and grateful to be assisted with a $2,000 grant from Harmonize for Speech, a privately-funded organization in Ontario that supports speech related projects and initiatives. These funds will go towards producing the annual conference, which takes place October 19, 2019.

This esteemed philanthropic group helps clinics like the Speech and Stuttering Institute and other treatment centres, supports organizations for speech pathologists such as OSLA and SAC and centres for Aphasia treatment as well as giving out bursaries to students of speech pathology. See their website for more information.

Anyone who has been at our conferences in the past may recognize the Harmonize For Speech Barbershop Quartet, who delighted conference goers in 2018 and previous years. The quartet features organization founder George Shields, a longtime friend and ally of the stuttering community. The CSA has been able to continue its mission for almost thirty years thanks in part to the support of Harmonize for Speech. We look forward to our conference in October and hope to see new and familiar faces and help people who stutter, their family and friends and speech language pathologists learn and grow with a deeper understanding of stuttering and empowerment through a strong community. Thank you!