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On Saturday June 2, some members of the stuttering community in Toronto made a road trip to Oshawa, Ontario to Stuttering John's Bistro, to visit our friend Johnathon Boville and treat ourselves to more delicious food. We had a great time! We got a chance to visit with each other and Johnathon joined us, between serving customers, to chat and let us know what he's been up to.

Johnathon has always been very active in his community, volunteering his time for fundraising events for the youth and schools, and is an active BIA member. Recently his contribution to the community was recognized by the Durham Regional Employment Network (DREN).

The goal of this organization is to lead the development of equal access and opportunity to employment resources and services by enriching community partnerships.

John Johnathon Boville

Johnathon won an Innovation Award, which is presented to "recognize an innovative program, special project or new venture that removes barriers to employment." He was nominated by the Durham Region Unemployment Help Centre for working with the centre in finding suitable employment for their clients, individuals who have experienced disabilities that have posed as barriers to finding work. He was nominated after hiring a chef and a waitress who have disabilities, and showing that he is an understanding employer that will hire people and allow them to learn on the job and be patient as they adjust to their jobs.  His award will be presented at a Gala event in Oshawa on June 7.

group L to R: Carolina, Nigel, Dan, Sam

If you are in Oshawa stop by Stuttering John's for some great food. The ribs are the best! He also has a selection of local craft-brewed beers and will soon be expanding it. And if you are at a fair event in the Durham region, you might treat yourself to a fresh ear of corn out of the largest kettle cooker in Ontario that John built himself!

Stuttering John's is located at 19 Simcoe Street, Oshawa, Ontario.


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