Diversity Outreach Project

mary rose Mary Rose

I am a stutterer and I have accepted my speech. In the past, I have experienced ridicule from individuals and groups. I felt self conscious, inferior and did not see the purpose of my speech challenge. I attended therapy with brief fluency. The turning point in my life occurred when I started the Vancouver Support Group for Stutterers in 1997 and became involved with the stuttering community.


I have been the Fundraiser and Public Relations Director, British Columbia Association for People who Stutter (1998 - 2006 and briefly 2011 - 2012) and currently a board member of CSA.  By being involved with these organizations and changing my focus from self to stutter advocacy, I  have gained confidence and found the positivity of my stutter.


I would like to give others the opportunity to share their stories on how their culture or background has influenced who they have become. I strongly believe that we all can learn from each other’s experiences.

Please send me your story to be publish in my blog, Stutter Culture. You can email me. Thank-you!