Kill Your Stutter site – update and call to action

The CSA website has featured articles about the Kill Your Stutter website, a money-making scheme that makes an offer to eliminate stuttering in 10 minutes by following instructions in an e-book. If you are not familiar with this controversy, there are articles about it here and here.

It is the position of most of the stuttering community that this product is being sold by unethical means, by making unsubstantiated claims and preying on the weaknesses and desperation of people who stutter. The product offers a "guarantee" and those who purchase are allowed to return the product within sixty days. However, in the past five months the cost of this product has risen from $67 to $97, indicating that profits are indeed being made on this item, and those who purchase are not returning the product even after their disappointment at the lack of results.


There is little that can be done to discourage this shameful peddling. The affiliates who promote the product (there are hundreds of sites) are certainly guilty of false advertising, but to bring legal action against them is near impossible.

What can be done

Currently Kill Your Stutter has relaunched a Facebook page. Such solicitors are officially not allowed on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, please go to the site and click on the "Mark as spam" alert.

Thank you!

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