BC man who stutters stands up to Enbridge

channel Douglas Channel, BC

Murray Minchin is a postal worker from Kitimat, British Columbia, and a vocal advocate for protecting the Douglas Channel, part of the coastal region he calls home. When he heard about plans for a pipeline and marine terminal there three years ago, the potential damage to the environment worried him. Despite his stutter and chronic shyness that had affected him his whole life, he decided to become a spokesperson for the cause and stand up to the huge Alberta gas distribution company, Enbridge.

The first step was education. Murray spent countless hours going over documents and consulting resources to learn about geology, the oil and gas industry, and environmental issues. But the next step was to start speaking. Even talking to co-workers he had known for a decade was difficult for Murray. Soon, though, he was speaking at community group meetings and attending hearings to question expert witnesses from Enbridge. Armed with the knowledge he had acquired, his confidence increased, and his stuttering lessened.

Murray Minchin

Murray is one of the most vocal members of Douglas Channel Watch, a community group put together to monitor and protect the region. He has made sacrifices for his cause, spending thousands of hours on his own time to learn about the issues at stake. He has taken unpaid leave from his job to attend hearings and have his say. By finding the courage to speak out and do what he may have at one time not thought he could do, Murray has made a difference.


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