It All Boils Down To Numbers

Richard HolmesRichard with his two daughters
Let's face it, a lot of life boils down to numbers. For each of us those numbers are unique. For me those numbers are 2, 300, 27, 60, 12 & 1. I'll touch on each of these numbers and the significance they hold for me. Being a person that stutters, I can say one of my most significant motivators has been when I've been told "you won't". You won't amount to much, you won't overcome your stutter you won't live a productive life. 

 Growing up, ignorance was a real thing I experienced daily. But being told you won't proved to be the drive I needed to overcome many hurdles. The teachers, the professionals, and some of my peers who said I won't overcome my stutter were proven wrong. I went from being able to say only two words without stuttering to over 300 in a matter of 5 short years.

The attitude of society needs to be altered. There is much emphasis on "tolerating" those that are different. Yet the real issue should be us tolerating the negative attitudes of others.

In my life I have been truly blessed with being a single father of two beautiful daughters, and a career that has become my way of life. Those individuals that told me "you won't" continues to fuel in my life's work in social services. In my 12 years I've successfully stopped more than 27 suicides in progress, helped over 60 children get into foster care and assist with 12 children being reunited with there families. I continue to grow and reach out to those in need.

At the end of the day it all has to start with "1". 1 most importantly being you. Finding your path and your own set of numbers significant to your life, is a key factor in how one lives. We start with the decision to run after our dreams whatever they maybe. Hearing "you won't" is fuel to motivate ourselves to strive for more, be more and give more of ourselves. Once we recognize that the only obstacle stopping us from going after our dreams is us, anything is possible. 

Richard Lutman lives in Stratford, and is on the board of the CSA.