International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) October 22, 2020

Let’s change the narrative on October 22 as we Mark International Stuttering Awareness Day!

It's How We Talk

cntower2020 will be the third year that
Toronto's CN Tower has lit up for ISAD!

While nearly 70 million adults stutter, the negative portrayal and language around stuttering has created a hostile social environment for those who stutter. This year, we want to focus on how to change public perceptions of stuttering. Let’s change the narrative. It’s how we talk.

Read the media release about the global campaign launched to tackle the harmful language around stuttering ‘Find the Right Words’ aims to change public understanding and shape a new narrative about stuttering here. Also please take a look at our editorial guidelines for writing about stuttering here.

CSA’s mission is to promote awareness and understanding of stuttering and provide support and resources for people who stutter, their families and allies, with a view to helping persons who stutter live as effectively as possible with their stutter and to achieve their full personal and professional potential. Recognizing International Stuttering Awareness Day is an important initiative towards that mission.

We need your support to spread awareness and help us create a better world for people who stutter.

Did you know?

  • between 1 and 3 per cent of adults stutter
  • it is estimated that nearly 70 million people globally stutter
  • the negative portrayal and language around stuttering has created a hostile social environment for those who stutter
  • we seek to end the negative depictions around stuttering and create a visible, positive environment for people who stutter
  • awareness and conversations about stuttering can lead to greater acceptance of stuttering

Canada Lights Up for Stuttering Awareness!

Some municipalities will read a proclamation to declare October 22 as International Stuttering Awareness Day.
Others will illuminate monuments and notable buildings across the country in seafoam green to mark International Stuttering Awareness Day to help raise awareness.

Vancouver Lights Up

bc placeBC Place in Vancouver lights up in seafoam green in recognition of
October 22, International Stuttering Awareness Day

Vancouver Canada PlaceVancouver's Canada Place Sails

Eastern Canada Lights Up

bc placeThe Nova Scotia legislature in Halifax lit up in green!

moncton street lightsStreet lights in Moncton, NB

PEICity Hall in Summerside, PEI StjohnsGovernment House in St. Johns, NFLD

If you are near one of the illumination locations listed below, please share your photos with us on social media! Be sure to add the hashtag #ISAD2020 to your post so we can see it. We’re looking forward to seeing Canada glow in seafoam green!

  • Downing Street in Moncton, NB
  • City Hall in Summerside, PE
  • Saint John City Market in Saint John, NB
  • Regina City Hall in Regina, SK
  • Calgary Tower, Calgary, AB
  • Ottawa Shaw Centre, Ottawa, ON
  • CN Tower, Toronto, ON
  • BC Place, Vancouver, BC
  • Canada Place Sails of Light, Vancouver, BC
  • Nova Scotia Legislature, Province House, Halifax, NS

October 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day. Let’s work together toward greater acceptance of stuttering. It’s how we talk.