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Please note: These are blogs and stuttering forums by people who stutter. The opinions expressed in the following web sites are those of the writers.


Stuttering is Cool : Daniele Rossi's specialty is podcasting, and he is also skilled at writing and animation.

Katherine Preston: Katherine is a writer who blogs and speaks out about stuttering. Keep your eye out for her book coming out in 2013, Out With It, featuring extensive interviews with people who stutter, speech therapists and researchers.

Stuttertalk : This site features podcasts and original material about stuttering. Its creators are both people who stutter and speech pathologists.

Hello I Stutter: Rehan Nasir talks about stuttering with daily blog entries.

The Stuttering Brain : Tom Weidig, of Luxembourg, blogs about stuttering. Scientific and thought-provoking.

Stutter-Mind-Body: This blog strives to get behind what causes stuttering and to develop in the reader an understanding of causes as well as potential ameliorations of this problem.

MDJunction On-line Stuttering Support Group: this is a new on-line support group.

Stuttering Forum : Discuss stuttering with the rest of the world here. 

Make Room for the Stuttering: A fascinating blog by a woman who stutters, with videos and podcasts.

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