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NinaGNina G. and her book, Stutterer Interrupted

Keynote Speaker Nina G

We are pleased to welcome comedian, author, and person who stutters Nina G. as one of our keynote speakers for the conference. Nina G.’s insights into stuttering, along with her infectious humour, will inform and entertain you at the same time! Her infectious humour informs, entertains, and gives hope to those who stutter and insight to those who do not. “I stutter and you are just going to have to wait for all the brilliant things I have to say!”. Nina G, known as one of the first female stuttering comedians, is also a professional speaker, story teller, writer, educator, and has a doctorate in psychology. We are super excited to welcome her to our 2020 CSA Conference.

Digital strategist and cartoonist Daniele Rossi will be interviewing Nina G. during her keynote presentation. Well-known in the stuttering community, Daniele is co-founder of Stutter Social and is an advisory member to the board of the CSA.

You can obtain a signed copy of Nina G.'s book! Here's how...

Order Nina G.’s book from Send a copy of the purchase receipt or a photo of yourself with the book to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with any personalized message you would like from Nina G. before December 31st, 2020. We will send you a signed bookplate by mail following the Conference.

richardRichard in British Columbia

Keynote Speaker Richard Holmes

Those of us who have had the opportunity to hear Richard Holmes, know what an engaging and dynamic speaker he is! Richard is a person who stutters and a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist in the province of British Columbia. Richard stuttered quite severely throughout his life, which set him on a quest for ‘fluency’ at the age of 18. Like some of us, he found ‘fluency’ for awhile – and then lost it. Through search and self-discovery, Richard soon realized that what he thought of as ‘his stutter’ was not the problem he thought he had. This process of discovery and understanding is what led him to a career in Speech-Language Pathology that requires him to use speech for a living. In his keynote address, Richard will combine his professional education with the lessons that stuttering provided for him to help us, and the parents of children who stutter, to explore new perspectives on the struggles associated with stuttering.